Why you can no longer do without the grip socks from CNTRL Socks!

CNTRL Grip Socks

Grip socks, you see them more and more on the sports fields and professionals no longer play without them. But what exactly are these socks? And why are CNTRL Socks grip socks important to you? Get ultimate grip, avoid injuries, prevent blisters and keep your comfort throughout the game. In this short blog we tell you why grip socks from CNTRL Socks come in handy during sports and what they have to offer you.


The grip pads on the grip socks from CNTRL Socks give you ultimate grip during your competitions. This ensures that you no longer slip in your shoe during sports or any other activity. In the colder periods of the season you often see athletes slipping through the soggy fields. This is partly because the socks do not stay firmly in the shoe. The grip pads on the grip socks ensure that there is hardly any friction in the shoe, which provides more grip during fast movements such as changing direction or starting a sprint.


The grip sock stays in place well and comfortably due to the breathable mesh and sweat-wicking material. No more problems with wet feet that will irritate. Furthermore, the tight fit gives a firm feeling that will not irritate with long use and provides extra strength in your shoes.

Prevent blisters

The grip socks from CNTRL Socks prevent blisters due to the sweat-wicking material and the grip pads. The sweat-wicking material allows the feet to dry faster, so that moisture has no chance to form blisters. In addition, the grip pads ensure less friction in the shoe. Moisture in combination with friction gives a high chance of blisters. Grip socks eliminate both factors, preventing blisters from forming.


Compression socks improve blood circulation in your feet and legs. Grip socks from CNTRL Socks have a light compression function that improves blood circulation in your feet. This ensures a reduction of injuries and faster recovery.

The ultimate performance

Take all the above points together in one sock and improve your performance. Do you have what it takes to get the most out of your sport and don't you want to let anything stop you? Then the grip socks from CNTRL Socks are exactly what you need. Become a champ!
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